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    Video Editor freezes upon launch


      Following installation, the video editor launches into eLive mode and will not budge from there. Running Mac OS X v.10.9.5. Adobe chat support took remote control of my computer, got it to work for six nanoseconds and signed off. Next time I tried to use it, I had exactly the same issue. Help anyone? Thanks.

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          At this point, your best resource is your contact with Adobe Chat who can offer you remote control over your computer for troubleshooting. We are not Adobe. Rather user to user who cannot offer you this type of technology. You should have no problem in doing this since you go to it with current version/purchased/registered.


          Do you know what Adobe Chat did to fix the problem (even for that short period of time)? I do not want to know the specific location, but are you outside the USA?


          How would you describe your computer resources and the status/speed of your Internet connection?


          Please review and consider, and then we can decide what next in your best interests.