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    New limited UI brightness pref


      In past versions of AE I always kept the UI brightness pref at its lightest setting.

      After using AE CC 2014 set at the lightest dark grey for some weeks now, I still find it much harder to generally see all my timeline elements, and what's selected. It also seems massively counterintuitive to put light text on a dark background. It's much more fatiguing/hard to read. This for me is a rare, rare design misstep by Adobe. Why did they not just widen the brightness range while keeping the light tone a part of the new range? My question is if there is any way to access the lighter legacy UI preference inside CC 2014?

      This may sound like a small quibble, but it is actually slowing down my workflow.

      Thanks to all,


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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          No, the UI colors are not editable beyond the Brightness slider that you'e already aware of.


          We're targeting an update for the first half of next year that will give some additional customization. I'll share more details about that when I can.


          Even before that, we're releasing an update in December that will make some changes regarding keyframe highlight color and some other UI tweaks.


          If you want to give detailed feedback, the best place to do that is here, with a bug report or feature request: