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    Managing photos and Lightroom catalog(s) on 3 computers

    allisonblake Level 1

      I am trying to help my boss transition from Aperture to Lightroom.

      She has 3 computers (work, home, and vacation)

      She wants to be able to access/work on all her images from all 3 locations.

      What is the best (or best very easy) way to do this?

      Can you install LR on 3 workstations under a single license? If not, what is the best way to proceed?

      Can/Should all images and catalog files be saved in Dropbox (or similar cloud storage)? You can get 1TB for $10/month.

      She is not a professional photographer with thousands of images per shoot, but an enthusiast/hobbyist who would like to use LR to manager her photos, make adjustments, and make photo books, or upload to social media, etc.

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          Tom-Rock-Indy Level 3

          The easiest way would be to put all the photos and the LR catalog on an external drive and take that from place to place.


          I use a small enclosure with a 2.5" drive that's powered by the USB/Thunderbolt connection so I don't need external power.


          The license for LR actually allows for two computers not three.

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            photo-enthusiast Level 2

            The OP wants to use all photos on all three locations.  However, what about those who work on images from a "master" library on a desktop, and take some photos on the go, on a laptop.  What strategy could be employed there?


            Obviously, ingesting new images to the laptop and merging later is easy, but what about taking a subset of images from a master library with you on the go?  I rarely need to take so many images that it warrants carting them around on external hard drive.  (Although I do take one for backups.)


            Aperture makes this very easy to do, but have not found a solid strategy for Lightroom.