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    node.js require('stream') strange result

    skacperski Level 1

      I am trying to require stream module (node.js) in my extension (PS CC 2014, CEP 5.0) - it works however normally "stream" module contains "stream.Readable" object in node.js.

      In extension "stream" module does not contain "Readable" property for some reason...


      var stream = require('stream')

      console.log(stream.Readable) // outputs undefined in console


      And this is output from node.js


      > console.log(stream.Readable)

      { [Function: Readable]

        ReadableState: [Function: ReadableState],


         { [Function: Stream]

           super_: { [Function: EventEmitter] listenerCount: [Function] },

           Readable: [Circular],

           Writable: { [Function: Writable] WritableState: [Function: WritableState], super_: [Circular] },

           Duplex: { [Function: Duplex] super_: [Circular] },

           Transform: { [Function: Transform] super_: [Object] },

           PassThrough: { [Function: PassThrough] super_: [Object] },

           Stream: [Circular] },

        _fromList: [Function: fromList] }