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    Item Renderers

      I'm trying to understand how item renderer components work in a situation when the rendering of a data item depends on the data being rendered. To be exact, I'd like to understand how to customize a renderer's appearance based on the data it renders.

      What I'm trying to accomplish is to have a list that customizes how each element is displayed based on the list cell data. I have a custom item renderer for a list that combines several data properties into a single component (a VBox). This works well, but I'd like to customize the appearance of each item based on what data is represented.

      For instance, there is a "due date" property for the data item, and when that property is in the past, I want that label's color to change to red.

      In addition to simple property values, I'd like to customize the view state of the renderer based on data, too. For instance, I have a "comments" property (an ArrayCollection) on the data being rendered, and when that collection contains some items, I want to switch to a view state that displays the most recent comment in the item renderer.

      I was able to create an item renderer fine, and I tried to perform this customization by invoking a customizer method in the renderer's initialized() or creationComplete() methods. This I defined between Script tags in the item renderer component.

      However, something weird is going in when the item renderer paints my list. It's almost as though state was shared between item renderers for various cells - strange things happen, for instance, when I set the view state of a renderer inside the customizer method (invoked on creationComplete()). Other cells also render with that view state, etc.

      Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated.


      -- Frank