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    Installing InDesign upgrade versions and serial numbers on new computer

    mpc999 Level 2

      I have a brand new iMac with a clean install of Yosemite. I want to install several versions of InDesign in order to be able to work in whatever version my clients use.

      I am planning to install CS5, CS5.5, and CS6. I understand the need to install the oldest version first and to proceed upward, and that I will need to install Java beforehand for the earlier versions.


      My question is regarding serial numbers to activate these installs. I have used InDesign since the day it came out (InDesign version 1 - full purchase). All the versions since have been upgrades. So, when I go to start CS5, what serial will it want? My previous CS4 or the CS5 one, and so on?


      I'm trying to avoid installation failures where I have to run cleaner and reinstall -- I want to do it correctly from the start. I am confused about whether the upgrade versions will be looking for the original full purchase, which is ancient and not on the computer.