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    Premiere Elements 12 -Only buring HD but really want standard DVD


      My video project is made up of HD video footage; however, I need to burn to Standard DVD for distribution to a number of volunteers who are featured.

      I have chosen DVD - Disc (both wide and standard) -- each time the video comes out in HD and will not play on standard DVD players or in the non-Blu Ray burner on my computers. I see no options in Premiere Elements 12 to override burning in HD.

      I've never had the problem with previous videos using same software and computer. Although those were a different selection of blank DVDs.


      Is there a solution or is it possible that I purchased blank Blu Ray DVDs instead of standard. There is no labeling left on my DVD stack of 100  (also nothing on individual discs) although the center ring is surrounded by a blue ring.

      Is there any other way to tell if they are Blu Ray and not standard DVDs?




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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          There appears to be a basic misunderstanding here of the burn to options in Premiere Elements 12 in particular.


          Please allow me to explain, and please excuse anything that I will write that you already know....


          The regular DVD player will playback DVD-VIDEO Standard (4:3) or (16:9). Assuming a NTSC setup, that is characterized by

          720 x 480 4:3 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second and 720 x 480 16:9 @ 29.97 interlaced frames per second. When these are

          the choices that you want, you use




          disc with Presets = NTSC_Dolby Digital (for the 4:3) and NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD (16:9)

          You do not use



          AVCHD disc (which is a HD AVCHD format on a DVD disc....this will not playback on the regular DVD player....here you can expect

          resolution of 1920 x 1080)


          The only possibility for you obtaining what you say relate to you selecting AVCHD instead of DVD. Is that a possibility?


          There is no Blu-ray DVD disc or ACVHD DVD disc; there is Blu-ray disc format on a Blu-ray disc, AvCHD format on a DVD disc, each differing from DVD-VIDEO format on a DVD disc.

          As for DVD discs, 4.7 GB/120 minutes; 8.5 GB/240 minutes.

          As for Blu-ray discs, 25 GB or 50 GB.


          If you have a HD 16:9 project and you want to take it to a DVD disc that will playback on the regular DVD player, then you use




          disc with a preset specifically for NTSC_Widescreen_Dolby DVD which is 16:9.


          Please review and consider.


          Thank you.



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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            I did not see your post 1 until after I had posted my reply to your thread question.


            I am at a loss to understand

            Now it works. Go figure.

            I am very glad for your success but I am not connecting your thread question as posted with your all OK post 1.


            Please review and consider all the factors. The important matter is that you appear to be moving forward in your

            Premiere Elements project.


            We can discuss this further if you have the time and you feel it would be worthwhile for you.


            Best wishes



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              BillMMBill Level 1

              Thanks AT,

              Enjoyed the detailed description. I finally figured that out about 5 minutes after I posted the original query.

              I had used Elements 9 for years and upgraded to 12 last year. I hadn't realized that  12 could burn an AVCHD discs; although, now that I do, I'll finally be able to get some great quality out of my old personal footage--at least until I move up to Blu Ray.

              Thanks for all you do here,Bill     

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the follow up reply.


                Glad to be of assistance. But sounds like you are doing well with your Premiere Elements projects.

                The 9.0/9.0.1 and 12 workspaces are markedly different. The principles remain the same, but it is the features

                that tend to move around, get changed, and get discontinued from version to version. Although version 13 (current version) has

                some significant feature removals, it now includes creation of DVD ISO Image, AVCHD ISO Image, and even a Blu-ray

                ISO Image in the burn to options.


                If there is any consideration to move to 13, best go the free 30 day tryout route before any purchase to assure the program's

                compatibility with your computer operating system and your project goals.


                Best wishes