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    White outline on outside of clipping pathed images brought into InDesign

    Stella1251 Level 1

      Hi. I am on a PC using CS6.


      I created some clipping paths in Photoshop on a bunch of images and most of them have a white outline (even in Overprint Preview) shown in InDesign.

      I thought I was being careful not to be too close to the edge in order to not get that white outline. I created the paths using the pen tool and path palette.


      Please take a look at the screen shots below and I was wondering if anyone has this problem or if there is something I am totally missing.


      As you can see in this photo the white outlines are around part of the box and most of the separate pieces of chocolate. This is a screen shot from InDesign.




      This same image is below shown in Photoshop with a black rectangle placed behind it and I do not see the white outline. The outline shows in the PDF too when exported so I don't know what to do and I worried it will print this way. Never had this problem before..