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    11/11/2014 - Beta - Flash Player

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      The latest Flash Player 16 beta builds are now available. Beta builds can be downloaded from labs.adobe.com.  Today's build brings the Flash Player beta up to date with this week's official release.


      New Features for Flash Player 16:


      • Stage3D - Standard Constrained Profile

      In version 14 of the Runtime we added the new Standard profile to desktop systems.  In Version 15 we expanded that to mobile devices in AIR.  In Flash Player 16 we've added a new Standard Constrained profile.  Like Baseline Constrained, Standard Constrained targets older and lower powered GPUs on both desktop and mobile devices.  While Standard profile reached ~21% of iOS devices, Standard Constrained can now reach more than 85%.  Developers can access this by using the new STANDARD_CONSTRAINED constant in Context3DProfile.  The chart below breaks down the differences between the different profiles that are available.



      • PPAPI Installers for Windows and Mac

      We're pleased to announce that we now have PPAPI installers for the standard version of Flash Player for Windows and Mac.  Previously, this version of the Player was available only as an integrated component of Google Chrome.  With the introduction of these installers, Flash Player is now available for all Chromium based browsers using the PPAPI interface.  Please note that these installers are not required nor used by Google Chrome.  Chrome will continue to include Flash Player without requiring any additional installation.


      Both the standard and content debugging versions of the PPAPI installers are now available on http://labs.adobe.com.



      Testing Focus:

      Hardware Video Decoding is now on by default for Chrome users. If you experience playback or stability problems when watching Flash-based video, please report them to the Beta forums. Including the output of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (dxdiag) would be especially helpful.



      Fixed Issues

      • Multiple Stability and Security Fixes



      About the Beta Channel

      Beta Versions of Flash Player are available for automatic installation via our Background Update service.  Please subscribe to automatically install or receive update availability notifications at runtime