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    Logout not clearing session

    gwhPoster Level 1



      I have a secure zone set up and I have a log out button in the menu. The url for the menu link is set to /LogOutProcess.aspx.


      When someone is logged in and they click the logout link they go to a page saying that they have been logged out. However if they then click the Login link in the menu to login, the page that they land on is their dashboard (instead of the login form) so Business Catalyst is not actually logging them out and clearing the session straight away. I went away for about an hour and came back and it was only then that the session seemed to have cleared so that when I clicked the login link, it took me to the login page instead of the dashboard.

      I just wondered if anyone knows the amount of time the session is set for, ie. does this happened for all BC sites?

      Thanks in advance.