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    Feature Request, option to relink all unlinked layer masks when transforming multiple layers at once.

    R Huber Level 1

      As a professional PS artist who works on files with sometimes hundreds of layers, I often need to transform many layers or groups at once. It is a nightmare to find that after the transformation, a mask did not get included in the transformation, (especially when the file is many gigs large, and the transformation took 15 minutes). Sometimes, a mask is accidentally unlinked, but more commonly I unlink it temporarily, but forget to relink it. There is currently no way that I'm aware of to find these pesky unlinked layers, other than going through every single one. What would work great is to have a popup asking if you would like to relink all unlinked layers, whenever you're transforming multiple layers that include one or more unlinked masks. Or else have an option in the layers palette to either select or relink all unlinked layered masks. Hope this makes sense. Cheers!