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    Remote to Remote


      Newbie Dreamweaver CS6 user


      Just trying to see if there's another way to do this?


      We have 2 remote sites.   "R&D Remote site" and "Production Remote site"


      (local test server not going to happen)


      R&D remote server is where we do mods and testing and then move/copy/publish mods to Production remote server.


      So... I set up R&D remote as a testing server. Make mods to a page, test, etc. which also saves a local copy.


      Now when we're happy with the mod on R&D remote and want to publish to the Production remote server.


      I close R&D remote site, open Production remote site.

      Make sure "local" Production site is current.

      Then I   File->Open->(updated file) from "local" R&D site

      Then "Save As" to current open "local" Production Site.

      Then sync/put etc. to Production remote server.


      There doesn't seem to be a direct way to publish

      from R&D site to Production site?


      Is there an easier way to do this?