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    Image loads locally but not on Website?

    dave ewelme
      I have constructed a slide show viewer for use on a website. The swf loads jpeg images which are contained in the same directory. This works well on my local machine but when uploaded to a website and called up by an html file, the swf runs and shows the correct backgrounds but fails to load any jpegs. I assume that the problem is to do with the transfer of the variable 'Select_picture" into the loadMovie statement?
      The following loop (step variable = pic_no) works locally but not on website:-

      >>var Select_picture:String="Pic"+pic_no+".jpg";
      >>var Select_mc:String="mc"+pic_no;
      >>this.createEmptyMovieClip([Select_mc], depthnow++);
      >>loadMovie([Select_picture], [Select_mc]);

      In order to prove that a picture could be loaded on the website, I simplied the code to :

      and this worked.

      So, I tried to transfer the same string directly via the variable;-

      >>var Select_picture:String="Pic1.jpg";
      >>loadMovie([Select_picture], [Select_mc]);

      But this does not work.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.