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    Lightwave to After effects error




      I am pretty new to After Effects.  


      I created a scene in Lightwave animated it and sent it to AE using the  "send to After Effects" enterchange button...   After Effects does Launch, but then the error message comes up...  

      "Unable to execute script at line 57, position_property is undefined"


      My purpose for sending to after effects, I created a couple nuls that followed the exhaust ports of a star ship.   I was going to create a mask, and have the mask follow the nulls.  


      Not sure what I'm doing wrong.   All the tutorials I've seen online show a pretty much straight forward, push the button and the camera, lights, and nulls show up in AE...


      One side note...   I'm using lights from DP light kit, for those familiar with Lightwave may know what this is.   I'm not sure if this is the issue or not.


      I'm currently using Lighwave 11.6.3

      Windows 7 64bit

      After Effects CC2014


      all 64bit


      Any help would be appreciated.LW2AE_errorb.png





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You will get better answers on the NewTek forums. Aside from checking out the demo when a new version comes out, my LW days are long past...



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            Danakinobi Level 1

            I found that the problem was I did not select any items.   For example, I had created nulls in lightwave...   and animated them. 


            Since I did not understand how this works going to AE...   I didn't know that I had to have the nulls selected, and then "send to AE".   I was just clicking on "send to AE" without anything physically selected.


            So it appears, the trick is to select either the camera, the light, or the nulls...  While they are selected, then click "send to AE"