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    How to include External style sheets for EPUB export

    Chinnadk Level 4

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to include a css file for epub export. Here is what i'm trying.


      var doc = app.activeDocument;
              includeDocumentMetadata = true;
              imageExportResolution = ImageResolution.PPI_150;
              imageConversion = ImageConversion.JPEG;
              embedFont = false;
              includeCSSDefinition = false;
              preserveLocalOverride = false;
              externalStyleSheets = "D:/Chinna/Epub/QJ-stylesheet.css";
      doc.exportFile(ExportFormat.EPUB, File(doc.fullName.toString().replace(".indd",".epub")), false);


      It returns an error. (Expected Array of Strings but received "D:/Chinna/Epub/QJ-stylesheet.css").