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    FileReference upload and Mac

    blemmo Level 1
      Hi there,

      I'm experiencing a problem which seems to be not a new one, as I found several descriptions of this issue. I wonder if there are any solutions or workarounds available?
      The problem seems to be Mac only. A file uploaded via FileReference.upload() seems to arrive well on the server, however the onProgress and onComplete events don't reach the client. Because I read about the onComplete bug, I decided to check in onProgress for completion. At first this seemed to work fine, but now again there are missed events on a Mac. So even the onProgress event doesn't come through every time. I made the FileReference object a class object, so I know it doesn't get deleted midways, and as said before, the uploads do actually reach the server. It just doesn't tell the Mac clients, and I need them to know when the upload finished.

      So, are there any workarounds known to this?