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    Navigation Structure help.

    Adam_/ Level 1

      Im new to flash, please help. I have made my main navigation inside a movie clip symbol but when i add script to direct the button... for example

      on (release) {

      It is controlling the timeline within the movie not on the main timeline. How do i script the button to navigate the main timeline, not inside the navigation movie clip??

      Thanks for any help.

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          BorosAdam Level 1
          paths in actionscript use dot syntax and you have words _root, _parent, this to refer to timelines. _root always refers to the main timeline. [however, you should avoid using _root because ... ok, you will see later on :) ]

          so, if you have a button inside a movieclip and you want to refer to that timeline on wich that is you simply can write: this._parent.gotoAndPlay... blabla...

          try to play with these expressions a little bit since using these is core knowledge in scripting.