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    Adobe FormsCentral Trial Basic or Plus version?


      Dear Adobe FormsCentral Helpdesk, I am a satisfied user of the Adobe FormsCentral since Aug 2014. I created few forms and the system collected the answers (more than 200 answers) in a proper way. Of course I paid the fee of the FormsCentral cca 14 EUR / month. (I had a technical problem of the fee in October, but also this fee is paid as your system confirmed it.) Based on this amount I was sure I use the plus version of the FormsCentral with next criteria: Unlimited Forms and 5,000 Responses per form. I tried to create a 6th forms yesterday and your system opened a new form if I have deleted an old one. Why it is limited? It is possible that your system handles me as a basic or trial user although I pay the fee of the plus version? How could happen this? Please help me and please remove this limitation. I plan to create more forms and I expect more than 500 responses. Thanks for your kind support, VBRGDS: GZZ Zoltán Gabriel (gzz@mail.datanet.hu)