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    Can someone explain the concept of "Default Timeline"?

    ingofkc Level 1

      I try to understand coding in edge in more detail.


      What i do not understand is the concept of named timeline(s):


      * so if i want to listen to timeline - events of a symbol, i allways have to give the name of the timeline.




      Symbol.bindTriggerAction ( compId, symbolName, timelineName,  delay,  actionFunction )


      Usually timelineName is allways "Default Timeline". But what is this reference by name good for?



      * Why a timeline has a name?

      * Where could i change this name within Edge and when should i do this?

      * Can i have more than one timeline for a symbol?

      * If yes what is the purpose of more than on timeline for a symbol?


      I have some assumptions for this, but what i really miss is a clear documentation of these concepts. Do you have any tipps for good tutorials? Thanks in advance.



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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          Right now in Edge there can be only one timeline which has been given a default name of "Default Timeline", but the Edge javascript runtime is written in such a way that it can have multiple timelines. It's just the way it's implemented since its inception.


          So, don't worry about the name, just know that you can have only one timeline for a symbol, with name "Default Timeline".




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