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    Data visualisation prototype in Flash

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      I am looking at using Flash Pro as a prototyping tool to create a data visualisations module for a retail application. The actual graphs and infographics will be heavily customised so I felt that Flash was a pretty good environment for that. Ideally I'd like to hook Flash up with some real data rather than just creating dummy data.


      To my knowledge there are no modules in Flash that can help create charts easily. I heard there is a 'flex' charting API. However I'm not familiar with Flex and would rather keep it all in Flash Pro as charting is only part of the prototype we're working on. There is quite a big user interface which will definitely be done in Flash.


      Anyone know any modules that provide a starting point for dynamic charts in Flash? Or good tutorials on the subject. I would prefer to take something and modify it to my needs than the more daunting task of creating a charting engine from scratch. But will do either to get the right results