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    Lost Connection - Unable to Connect to Server


      PS Touch 1.7.0 on an iPad running iOS 8.1 with a paid CC subscription. PS Touch will not sync, will not show my storage level on Creative Cloud, and when attempting to load a photo from my CC, I get "Lost Connection - Unable to Connect to Server". I tried all the suggested fixes (clearing sync databases all over the place, multiple uninstall/reinstall cycles, etc.) on this board to no avail.


      Since all my other CC-enabled mobile apps work, as do the desktop apps on my Windows desktop and MacBook Pro laptop, I have to believe this is on the server side at Adobe. Of course, this being Adobe, nothing but silence. Completely unacceptable - the app may only be $10, but the connected service is $600/yr.

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          I am experiencing the exact same thing. It started on November 13, 2014. I have been doing a lot of work on my iPad air 2 using the Photoshop touch app in the last several months. During that time I was happily able to sync the Photoshop touch app with my creative cloud account. This is once again given adobes past history with syncing issues no longer true. I have plenty of memory and my Wi-Fi connection is very strong. I refuse to uninstall and reinstall the app because I will no longer have any access to all of my projects currently residing in my Photoshop touch app. I have had a creative cloud account ever since it became available. Unfortunately, reliability is not a word that I associate with the experience. The only thing that happens reliably month after month is Adobe charging me a fee. Since there is no other customer support for the Photoshop touch app and creative cloud usage other than this forum, I really hope someone from Adobe will read and look into this issue and restore the sync function.

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            I can also report that I am experience the same problem.  I started experiencing problems on November 7.  The last two days my experience reflects JGinNJ.

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              It is morning on November 15 and I started the Photoshop touch app to see what it's current status was. I was pleased to see that the storage level usage indicator was no longer blank. Then I turned on the sync function and watched to my horror as every project of which there are many was removed from the app. Next to my surprise all the projects were loaded into the app. Just when I began to think everything was fixed all the projects were deleted from the app. I logged on to my creative cloud account and discovered that all the projects were still in the cloud. These projects represent several years and hours and hours of work. While the creative cloud continues to contain all of the projects the app is now stuck in a mode where the app deletes all the projects and then downloads all the projects and then deletes all the projects and then downloads all the projects etc. in a continuous and never ending cycle. Needless to say this is quite nerve-racking and frustrating. Adobe support are you out there? What is going on with the Photoshop touch app and the creative cloud sync function? I thought the situation was bad before today. But Adobe somehow managed a new element in providing an unreliable service. Please, please resolve this problem.

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                Just opened the app and it did sync the PS Touch projects from CC. I created a new one and when it was saved, the downloaded projects were gone and the new one shows an "!" next to the name, indicating it was not synced, yet the sync status is shown as 100%.


                I'm not going to beg for a resolution because I don't have any confidence in their ability to fix this mess. I'm voting with my wallet - this is going to be my last year as a CC member. I'm a serious amateur so don't use this professionally (thank goodness...) and I'll spend the rest of my year's commitment transitioning over to other products. Will they have as many features as the Adobe products? No, but at least they won't delete my work. The lack of Adobe response is not surprising - they were never strong in the customer service area.

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                  Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                  Wish I could help you guys but I'm on Android. I've had the occasional sync issue too but not that bad. I did a full wipe on my tablet recently and re-downloaded/sync'd any PS Touch projects I had just fine.


                  Have any of you tried connecting to CC via desktop to see if your PS Touch projects are there? (https://assets.adobe.com)

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                    Thank you for your input. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I am very reluctant to remove and reinstall my app. This step of uninstall reinstall seems to be just the top item on everybody's debug list. There is in this case no suggestion that this will actually fix anything and there is no talk of what it may mean to the user and his many projects. What  I feel I really need is a response from Adobe to indicate that this is a recognized problem that they are working on. I find the deafening silence from Adobe very upsetting and annoying. It was working and then it stops working and Adobe makes no comment about anything at all. I'm going along working successfully on my projects and then out of the blue as far as I'm concerned it stops working. Nothing on my end is any different than it was two or three days ago when it was still working.


                    Currently the syn function on my app leaves me in a situation in which my projects are deleted and then restored and then deleted and then restored on and on. I am afraid to do anything for fear that if I interrupt this cycle at the wrong point the projects will not be restored just gone. Currently I have the syn function turned off.


                    Again I ask where is Adobe customer support.

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                      Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                      I remember there being a nasty sync issue some months back that was affecting iOS users. It was eventually resolved. Not sure what's happened since then.


                      There is an auto recovery option (via Settings > General > Auto Recovery). It's not enabled by default. Don't know how much this will help though.

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                        I've been using the Photoshop touch app since it first became available in the app store and I have been paying for the creative cloud membership since its initial beginnings in beta format. I experienced the syncing problem that you refer to which lasted for months before there was any resolution. During that time the only resource for support was this forum. We received very little information. Even a posting that said we haven't found the problem but we're still working on it would've been a nice gesture. So here I am now once again with another syncing issue albeit slightly different from the previous ones. So once again I am paying for a service that I really can't use. Adobe has no problems collecting my money. The idea that there is no customer support for people who use their mobile apps and the creative cloud is maddening beyond my ability to express. I wish they would use some of their profits and create an appropriately responsive customer service program. Once again I thank you for your interest and I don't mean to rant. However, I'm getting pretty tired of reading emails from Adobe telling me about all the wonderful things I can do with the creative cloud only to find that the essential ingredient of being able to sync reliably between my iPad Air 2 and  the cloud simply does not exist.

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                          Still waiting for response from Adobe support. Is anyone out there?

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                            I updated my iPad to iOS 8.1.1 last night and just out of curiosity, I opened PST. I got the dialog box asking me to enter my iTunes Store password and when I did, PST opened and synced normally. I didn't try it again this morning, so don't know if it continues to work. For now, the solution was either the new iOS update, re-entering my app store password (probably necessary due to the IOS update), or it was fixed on Adobe's end. 

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                              Thanks very much for informing me about your experience with the update. I have installed the 8.1.1 update and sometime today when I am feeling particularly courageous I will attempt to sync my Photoshop touch app with the creative cloud. Please let me know what your experience continues to be with the situation. Once again it would nice if someone from the staff of Adobe would respond to this situation.

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                                I summoned my courage and opened the Photoshop touch app and synced. I had no new projects so the process didn't take very long. It would appear that the sync function worked and my existing projects on the app were not removed. The real test will come when I make a change to a project or start a new one. I'm not quite brave enough to do that yet. I still think the Adobe lack of response is appalling.