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    Wacom Tablet Issues with LR 5.6

    zeetoe25 Level 1

      Ever since I upgrade to LR 5.6, I'm having problems with my wacom tablet (intuos 5 wireless small).  When I use the TAT, as I move up and down the slider moves a couple of numbers and them stops.  If I use my blue tooth mouse, it works just fine.  Also, if I go up to the Histogram and click and drag, nothing at all happens using the tablet, but works just fine with blue tooth mouse.  There are a lot of other issues with rendering and unstable pen action.  I have no issues with the tablet in Photoshop CC - 2014 ACR or any other programs.  It's definitely tied to LR 5.6.


      Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.  Oh, I have uninstalled and re-installed and have the same problem.