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    RoboHelp HTML 11 - If I publish using a responsive HTML5 layout, will the output be available to users who want to view it offline? Or does it require an internet connection and a browser to view?


      I am writing help content for software that has two essential components - one web-based and the other a locally installed app (our users work in both). I need the help documentation to be available from both and I wanted to use the new responsive HTML5 layout to make it accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone while publishing from a single source, but the locally installed app allows users to work offline so I need the help to also be accessible when a user works offline. Is this covered with responsive HTML5 publishing or do i need to publish the documentation to an application help viewer as well?

      I apologize if there is an obvious answer to this. I am new to this and I have already checked the RoboHelp user guide and the FAQ and forum to try and find the answer.

      Thanks for your help.