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    Keyboard shortcut using spacebar not working anymore


      I’ve been using CTRL+OPT+CMD+SPACE shortcut for thin spaces since I switched from QuarkXPress to InDesign CS4.


      I’ve updated from InDesign CS6 to CC2014 yesterday and, since then, the shortcut doesn’t work anymore (it was working fine in CS6 yesterday, prior to the update).


      I’ve made no other changes to my OS (using OS X Mavericks) nor have I changed anything on the iMac I’m using. I’ve tried the default shortcut (OPT+CMD+SHIFT+M, if I remember) and that’s working. All my other custom shortcuts seem to be working just fine.


      I would really like to make my thin space shortcut work. Is there a bug with InDesign CC2014 when customizing shortcuts using the spacebar? Is there a way to fix or circumvent this behaviour… and how?