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    How to paint with 2x2 pixels like with 1x1 pixels?


      This is something I feel should be easy, but I have never really understood.

      When going for a pixelart look you want the pixels to be aligned side by side evenly. I would want to paint with 2x2 pixels or bigger and still have the pixels be like when painted with a 1x1 pixelbrush. But I have not found a way to do this without having to actually paint with 1x1 pixels and then resize it up 200%. Hm I think everyone understands this but just to make sure here is a picture (Rezised 1000% to be seen):


      The left image is painted with a 1x1 pixelbrush. The squares or pixels are all evenly placed like in a "grid".

      But the right picture is painted with 2x2 pixelbrush. This results in the possiblity to place pixes like to the bottom right "in between" two pixels though. Not evenly spaced :/

      To avoid this I still have to keep doing my art with 1x1 pixelbrush and then resize everyting up instead of just paining in the desired size right away. This is very time consuming to have to resize everything all the time :/ Is there a way to paint with bigger pixels but still have the bigger pixels be placed in the same manner painting with a 1x1 brush would do? I hope you understand what I am asking.