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    Black Text floating onto a page help


      Ok so I have been looking around to figure this out and maybe I am just not sure what I am looking for. I am pretty new to After Effects but am finding it interesting and fun.


      So here us what I have...


      I have a PSD of the Decleration of Independance and I am going to have it float onto a table with no text currently on it. I would like the text to float down onto the page then another layer to black out the text like it has been redacted.


      I am not sure how to get the text to float down onto the page.


      While trying to figure it out I came across another issue.


      Using the Light Rays effect it always shines through white paper or colors but not black. How do I inverse this to show the light rays from the dark text and not the white page? I figure it maybe masking but am just unsure.


      Thank you.