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    How to load images like Flash Earth

      Hello Guys

      I think all you know about the amazing flash application Google Earth's Flash version


      I have a huge image .. about 16 mb JPG. It is a map of big housing society and i need to make an flash application that should work like Flash Earth to display , pane , zoom like Flash Earth.

      Can anybody help me how can i do this . I mean i want to load that image in such a way thay it load in lower resolution and become detailed on zooming . What should i use to make that application working. I need your guidline .

      Thanks in advance
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          First of all you need to program the server to be able to serve you partial/scaled images of you "giant" picture. Let's say, you need to able able to say: "give me a subpicture that starts at (X0,Y0) and end at (X1,Y1) with a scale of SCALE.

          It would be good to create cache on this.

          Then you have to program a flash that is able to communicate with this server, asking him for the appropiate images in the appropiate moment.

          It is recomended that you make your flash get bigger areas of the image that you are vieweing so you can pan and zoom right away and have something to show before you start loading the rest of the images.