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    How to remove an unnecessary page break in Forms Central

    remove page break

      How to remove an extra page break?


      I understand I need to be in Page View.  Got it.

      And...at least in the version I'm using, there is no trash can next to the Page Break.


      I understand that sometimes the program forces a page break because of the amount of text on the page.  This is not the problem I'm having.

      My 2nd page has about 4 lines of text, then there's another page break.


      I'm trying to remove that page break.


      So, once I'm in Page View...how do I remove this extra page break?

      Again, I cannot select the page break like I would any other item I've added to the Form (as some have suggested in other threads.)

      And there is no trash can icon to the right of the Page Break...I wish there was.  That would've saved me A LOT OF TIME!


      I've found other discussions on line with this same question, that were left unanswered - or only answered with the "Page View" suggestion.

      Please, if someone knows how to remove this extra, unnecessary page break - please respond!


      Thanks a million!