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    All the sounds turn into noise


      Excuse my poor english. as2.0, sounds format is WAV. Please watch this video to get into the problem. Turn the volume down, at 0:41 all sounds "crashing", then they turn into loud noises. I tried to play it on different computers, tried rerendering and reinstall quick time, nothing helps. I don't think the problem is with the code, cause I can control only pan and volume. By the way, I can still hear natural parts of sounds through the noises. Also sound "crashing" at random moment every time, so I can't find the root of issue. Please help, what can I do with this?

      upd1. Looks like the problem is with the player. When sond crashed, I tried to reopen the game (file->game.swf), and noises doesn't gone. Tried different versions, my results is : flash player 14, 15 - noises appears all the time, flash player 9 - sound crashes, but no noises. Tried to play in browser (, no noises appear yet. Since the problem may appear cause of player, should I report about the bug?

      upd2. Same problem in flash player 13. I just can't understand, after what event noise appears.