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    Trying to update my credit card for Creative Cloud account but chat support is always repeating the same thing?


      I'm just trying to update my credit card info for my Creative Cloud account, it's been 6 times I've contacted chat support.


      Every time they repeat the same questions & answers over & over.


      "What's the name on the card?"

      -I give it to them.


      "It will take 4 to 5 hours to update."

      -I wait a day, same problem, then contact them again, same question & same answer. They don't give me a reason or any indication why my card didn't get charged.


      I re-phrase my questions, always same answer:

      "Your payment details are updated, your account will be activated in 4-5 hours."


      Are they robots?

      Is there actually somebody on the end of the chat, is it possible to talk to a supervisor or someone that could help me give you money so my account doesn't expire?