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    Re: Using the real thing in blockquotes

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      I think pullquote would be understood by anyone in the print/web business.

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      "Thierry | www.TJKDesign.com" <thierry@212utah.invalid> wrote in message
      > darrel wrote:
      >> Blockquotes are the semantic markup, but the effect is a pullquote.
      >> So, you might want to call it a 'pullquote' tutorial.
      >> My thinking is that people looking for the effect would be searching
      >> for 'pullquote' rather than 'blockquote'.
      > Thanks Darrel,
      > I Googled both to see what keyword I should go with and I prefered the
      > results returned by "blockquote".
      > Also, I believe "pullquote" would only be used by english speaking users
      > while any web designer should know about "blockquote" ;-)
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