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    Change resolution

      The pictures in my help project have very bad resolution even though the original screenshots have a high resolution. The color depth selected is 256. I've inserted the pictures with the ctrl + alt + G command.
      Does anyone know if the resolution could be changed somewhere?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Do you mean CTRL + G which is the shortcut for the Insert Image dialogue?

          Inserting the images that way, you are inserting a copy of the original so the resolution cannot change. It sounds like your originals are jpgs with a high number of colours and as if your images are going in as GIF files as they have a limit of 256 colours. I can't see how inserting them using the dialogue box can change them so check the file format of your originals and the format of the files in the project and post back.

          If you were inserting using cut and paste, that would be different.