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    ink & slide issues on iPad air 2...?

    robbwacso Level 1

      has Adobe officially acknowledged this issue? (the issue being the iPad screen) it sounds like there is a fix in the works...would love an update on this....is it even possible to use ink & slide with the iPad air 2??? (works great on my iPad air 1)

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          Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

          This gadget is becoming the priciest collector's item on my shelf, since I'm using an iPad Air 2.


          There's this mention on the Adobe Ink & Slide Help page:

          Ink & Slide Help | Ink and Slide FAQ


          There is a known, intermittent issue with the iPad Air 2, in which Ink stops drawing mid-stroke. After thorough investigation, we suspect the solution will require involvement from Apple, and we are trying to work with them to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

          Well, I've seen some updates appearing for the mobile apps (the most recent one being Adobe Sketch on Nov. 3rd), addressing the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. But drawing with the Adobe Ink stylus is still seriously interrupted.

          Could the Ink & Slide team please push themselves and Apple to release some kind of update to fix this stylus ? Otherwise I'm going to ask for a refund, since I paid $200 for a device I've only been able to use for half a year or so. Or send me an Apple Pencil, which only works on the iPad Pro, but I won't mind receiving one of those for free as well...

          I'm reposting this message in all four related discussions.

          I know that's not a good practice, but neither is this rip-off.

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            F2 Level 1

            Hi I'm afraid your wasting your time on this one. Adobe have just given up and refuse to answer any support emails or respond to forum comments. I have the iPad air2 and Ink and Slide which is never used such a shame and its totally putting me off Adobe as a company.