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    Need Help/Guidance/Link for installing Flashplayer Active X


      HELP!  Every time I get an 'update' for Flashplayer Active X, the Adobe 'update' site hangs up and doesn't update/install.

      I am running Win 7 and have IE11.  I am currently using the Flash version, and would like to update to v

      I've tried just about everything:  de-installing, deleting 'Macromed' folder from C/Windows/System32, and deleting 'Macromedia' folder using regedit from both HKEY_LOCAL_MACHING/SOFTWARE, and HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE, before trying the "install" from update site.  Still no dice.

      Does anyone have any ideas?  Does anyone have a direct link to the current verion .223 ?

      Any ideas/assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Many thanks in advance,