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    New to AS and needing help

    Shad0wdrag0n Level 1
      I've just recently started learning Actionscript (with Flash 8) so I can start making flash games, particularly rpgs. I've been able to figure out a lot with online tutorials and pieces of advice from others, but there are a few things that I can't seem to figure out. I was wondering if I could get some help.

      The first thing is that I’ve created an MC to act as the player. I've made the first frame of the MC a picture of a man who's just standing there. When an arrow key is pressed and held down the MC is supposed to jump to frame 2, which is the start of a frame-by-frame animation of the man moving. The problem is that the animation doesn't start until the arrow key is released. How do I get the animation to play when the arrow key is pressed and held?

      The second thing is that I have an object in a room that turns invisible when the player MC comes into contact with it (the alpha gets set to 0). When the player leaves the room (jumps to a different frame) and then comes back, the object is visible again. How do I make it so that changes made to something stay changed, even if the player goes to a different frame and comes back?

      The last thing is a bit more complicated. I have the main adventure in one .fla/.swf. Each type of creature found in the adventure then has it's own combat .fla/.swf. What is the best way to make it so that when the player MC comes into contact with a monster in the adventure he will jump to the combat sequence? I've thought about dumping the combat sequence into the main timeline of the adventure, but that would create a timeline thousands of frames long. Is there a way to jump from the adventure .swf to the start of the combat .swf, then when the combat ends it jumps back to the adventure .swf with the player exactly where he was? How do I keep/make changes to the combat from the adventure, and vice versa (so your current health gets transferred into the combat and then back out, something in the adventure tells the combat .swf how much health the monster has, etc)

      Any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.