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    Flickr module won't authorize


      After a recent update to the latest version of Lightroom my Flickr module was no longer set up. When I go through the steps and try to authorize Lightroom to access my Flickr account, I get this message:


      "File not found


      Firefox can't find the file at lightroom://com.adobe.lightroom.export.flickr/#?oauth_token=72157648892999080-2b7a3de0c71 f2979&oauth_verifier=2a97b5ba5b2a7886.


          Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.

          Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted."


      I'm stuck -- any ideas?


      OS X Yosemite (10.10)

      Firefox 33.1

      Lightroom 5.6


      Many thanks