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    Import Settings or Viewing Problem


      I have just imported some pictures from my Canon Powershot G15 and I seem to have a problem with my settings.  This is a new issue for me.  I have also just imported shots taken on my Canon 5D MkII without any problem.  The G15 shots seem to have had a 'tilt' applied, which has created white areas.  These were not on the original shots when viewed in the Import module, nor are they visible in the the file when viewed using Microsoft picture viewer so it must be a setting LR is applying.


      The only Import setting I am using is Copyright, although I did start with a lens correction in the Develop Settings but removed it for some test shots.Scott LR Problem.jpg

      My attached image shows the two screens I use with LR5 on the left and Windows viewer on the right.  You can see the white area in the shot on the left, which is absent from the same shot viewed in Windows.  Both are RAW files.


      This is a new problem and I'd appreciate any help