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      Adobe, let me make this perfectly clear to you - though I'm entirely certain it already is:


      I DO NOT WANT McAfee.



      Yet here it is, checked by default, ready to screw whatever computer your average, unsuspecting user decides to update flash on. Grandpa wants to play Golf on Pogo? Needs a flash update? Computer won't boot. Thank you, McAfee, Adobe. Thank you so much.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Thanks for the feedback.  It's tremendously expensive to maintain and distribute Flash Player free of charge to 1.2 billion users on an ongoing basis, and the bundled offers are a necessary cost-recovery measure.


          Both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and higher include Flash Player as a built-in component, which requires no separate download.  If you're not interested in being presented with the bundled offers, I'd recommend taking a look at one of those browsers.


          Alternatively, you can find the uninstallers for Flash Player here:

          Uninstall Flash Player | Mac OS

          Uninstall Flash Player | Windows