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    paragraph style override unwanted...

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      I had a paragraph style that was working perfectly when I selected a text box that was inserted into a text threaded, text box.

      Now, I've gone to use it again, and it is not applying correctly. Looks like somehow, there was an override at some point because I see the asterisk now in the <p> styles palette.


      What can I do to get this back? It need not have any text style specifications - only that there should be no indents, no styles... really, I was using this <p> style as a clear.

      Now, when I click it, it is even altering the text inside the dropped in text box to default of Minion.


      Can you advise how I can fix this? I checked previous revision backups and finding that same override in all of them. (hmm...)


      Thank you.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          In the Paragaph Style Panel's menu you can either remove overrides or redefine your style based on the overrides.

          If no overrides are found, you might have applied a Character Style.

          If you have overrides but can't redefine the style it is because you have different overrides on different glyphs, so you have to select only one glyph with the new definition and then you can redefine the style.


          Problem is often when copying content from one file to another one, that the same style is specified different, or that the style based on that style was different specified. E.g. many people use the default paragraph style in brackets as basis for other styles, but this default style was different in former versions and even different on Mac and on Windows (not now anymore). This would have an influence on all styles based on the default style or based on styles which are based on the default style. Same problem appears, when someone has redefined the default style.