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    Moving text from PSD files into InDesign, is it possible to keep formatting?

    taclark22 Level 1

      The company I work for (based in Japan) is somehow frustrated with me. They seem to think I am taking too long with making INDD files. The text for everything is provided for me by PSD files that have already been edited and stylized. However, they do not want me placing the PSD files in INDD, they want the entire thing (every layer) built into InDesign, so that it can be manipulated in InDesign without going back into Photoshop. They believe it is as simple as copying text from the PSD files onto blank TIFF files they provide, into INDD. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to just copy a layer and have it appear perfectly in INDD like they want me to. When placed in INDD, the text layer is turned into an object. The size is off, the style and effects are gone; it just looks completely different than how it looked in PSD. I have been reading around on Adobe help sites, and it seems that Adobe has just not yet made it possible for text to go directly from PSD to INDD and remain the same. Am I wrong? Is there some trick I am missing. I am working with the CC of both programs.




      Any help given would be much appreciated!



      Thanks, Tiffany