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    Can not connect to Behance

    sagefool1975us Level 1

      I have LR 5.6 standalone, whenever I try to setup Behance publishing and click 'log in' in the setup window I get "Your computer does not appear to be connected to the internet" which is not true.  I'm typing this message online from the same computer, there are no proxies or outbound firewall restrictions on my internet connection at my house.  Using comcast for internet.  Adobe people, why does this not work?  I'm interested in switching from flickr but if I can't publish photos to behance I'm certainly not going to use it.  I'm happy to test network addresses from this machine if you can tell me what urls to hit and what is expected to be seen.  I do have access https://api-lr.adbecrsl.com/ and https://imageup-lr.adbecrsl.com/ with the message: "Nothing to see here. You want the Adobe Revel site instead."


      Adobe, please respond about this issue, very frustrating to not be able to use a built in tool, thanks!