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    Ai files "disappear" when imported into AE CS5


      I've encountered a new problem that I have never experienced before and don't really understand.  I have created a comp in Ae CS5 which contains a pre-comp that was created in Ai.  The comp is linked to a sequence in Pr.  When I try to export the video in Pr, the comp renders WITHOUT the pre-comp.  When I re-open Ae and look at the pre-comp, the Ai layers are blank!


      However, if I re-load the layers, they re-appear and the comp previews as normal in Ae, but won't render in Pr.  Also the render time seems slower than a snail on sedatives.


      My workaround it to render the pre-comp as a QT movie with an alpha channel and put it in the layer above the comp in the Pr timeline.  We'll see how this works.


      But this SHOULD NOT be happening and I don't know how to fix it.


      Anyone have any ideas what's causing this to happen.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not without complete details on your workflow, the type of AI file, the folder structure..


          As long as you keep the file and layer names reasonable and organize the folders in a logical way and don't move anything everything should render just fine. Network drives, convoluted file paths or names, and other workflow and organizational problems can also occur. Also, you have to make sure that you have the Active Camera view selected in the Comp Panel before you render because Active Camera is the only view that will render.

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            cwljr Level 1


            Thanks for your reply.  This morning as I was between REM sleep and

            wakefulness I realized that in all three instances of the Ai files that

            seemed to disappear, I had edited each one, moving an item from a layer

            and creating a new layer for that item.


            I went back and saved each layer as a separate file, imported them,

            dragged them into the pre-comp and then pasted all keyframe info to the

            new layers and the problem was solved.


            It was strange, but I was unable to alt + shift and drag the new files

            onto the old layers.  They wouldn't change.  Despite that mysterious

            behavior the problem is now seems to be solved.


            The pre-comps appear in the timeline in Pr and when I close Ae and

            reopen it, the new layers remain in place and don't disappear.