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    PS CC Converting to profile and embedding a profile




      I just started using PS CC 2014. I have a number of variables that have changed, such as a new iMac, secondary monitor etc. I am working in aRGB when processing and I go to print via the Canon plug-in for Photoshop. I convert to profile using the ICC profile I want to use for the media and ink set that I am using. I had custom profiles made for these papers. When I save the file after printing it, it embeds the ICC profile, example Epson Premium Luster etc. instead of keeping it in the aRGB working space. I do not recall ever seeing this done automatically in prior versions and years that I have used PS. I would like to save the changes etc. but I do not want the paper profile embedded because I may want to use another paper with that file next time. When I open the file the next time and I want to print it I get the message that there is a mis-match between working profile and embedded profile, or something similar to that ( I do not have the message in front of me ). That means I have to convert the file to the working space at that point and it is an extra step that I did not have to do before.


      Is there a box I need to check or uncheck somewhere to keep the file in the aRGB space or am I just loosing my mind here?


      Thank you,



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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not a Color Management expert, but converting and then saving from Adobe RGB to a Printer Profile tags and saves that file with that profile.


          Your file space, Adobe RGB, no longer matches Photoshop's Adobe RGB working space and that's why you get the warning.


          If you are printing from Photoshop, you do not convert to that profile and save, otherwise it is embedded.

          That would only make sense if the printer was somewhere else, and you would then make a copy of that file with that specific printer profile embedded.


          What you do is use the Print dialog and check "let Photoshop manage colors" and you pick your profile from the list.

          Your file stays tagged as Adobe RGB.


          Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.32.04 AM.png



          You can turn off mismatch warnings in CC 2014  But be sure you are not "hiding a problem".


          Edit menu > Color Settings


          Uncheck these boxes:


          Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 11.22.14 AM.png



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            j4644 Level 1

            Hi Gene,


            I am printing through Canon's plug-in and would like to continue to do so. I have been converting to profile and exporting the files to the iPF6300 and really have not noticed this problem before. I recently downloaded some canned profiles from Canson and the first time I used one of them their profile was embedded. Now, any of the printer ICC profiles on the list that I select will be embedded. Are you saying that I have to print through PS and change my workflow in order to keep the file tagged as aRGB?


            I would also like to keep those boxes checked so that I know when a problem occurs, as you say " hiding a problem "


            Thank you for your response.



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              In that case, when you finish your edits, use Image > Duplicate and convert to your custom profile and export.


              That way you keep your original file with the Adobe RGB profile and embed your custom printer profile into a copy that you might save for future use.


              You then have an original in Adobe RGB that you can duplicate and convert to another profile as the need arises.


              My advice is simple-minded because I am not familiar with your workflow and setup. All I know is that if your original gets tagged with a smaller gamut print profile, you can't go back to the larger Adobe RGB because you threw out the color information of that larger gamut in the conversion process, and a file only gets one profile.


              Since my knowledge is basically elementary, here's a link to the Color Management forums.

              Color management



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                Hi Gene,

                Making a duplicate is probably the way to go. I just started using convert to profile because of the black point compensation that is available. With CS4, which could be run at 32-bit, I used Adobe CMM. As you probably know, it is not available in PS CC because it is 64-bit.

                Maybe I have to look at printing in PS CC directly.

                Thank you,