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    Did Creative Cloud Free Membership expiration Deactivate Master Collection 6


      Hi, Have Master Collection Version 6 installed on SSD since 23 May 2014 which has always worked. Apparently a family member installed or activated a free Creative Cloud Membership on this computer while I was away. The membership period for the free Creative Cloud has expired.


      Problem: Programs from the Master Collection Version 6 no longer open.

      • A window with CS6 Master Collection typed at top left appears.
      • Center of window has a hotlink “Save 40% on Creative Cloud.”
      • Bottom has 2 buttons, “License this Software” which is active and “Continue Trial” which is not.

      “License this Software” opens a sign in required window.

      • Sign in is successful and opens a Provide Serial Number window.
      • Copied serial number which is stored on Adobe website under My Products.


      Message window appears: “The serial number you provided is invalid. Please try again.”



      • The Adobe software is only installed on this machine.
      • The original installation was on an older hard drive which crashed (fortunately I had system image backups elsewhere).
      • I copied everything, Windows 7, programs, files over to a new SSD system drive and new HD for data files.
      • OS, programs, and files all functioned without any problems
      • The Adobe programs worked without any need to register the product again.
      • Therefore I do not believe that multiple installation limits are the issue


      Any help on getting the Master Collection to function again is appreciated.