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    How to anchor images in a fixed layout for conversion to reflowable EPUB?

    Dennis Whitehead Level 1

      I designed a book blending images with the words for a print edition and now that I am preparing to launch the ebook, I have found that the document must be exported as a reflowable EPUB. The INDD document is formatted for 6x9 print.


      There are nearly 300 images that are part of the text flow. It is one document with the following text components:


      - Front matter, no images

      - TOC - created as a separate text frame but not using the Table of Contents Style (still can't get Chapter One to properly link)

      - 23 chapters in one text flow with embedded images


      When I convert as-is to reflowable, all of the chapter headings and images are sent, in order, to the back of the book. In the text flow, the chapter headings are part of the body text (different font and sizes), as are the images.


      The major task appears to be anchoring the images. One direction seemed to indicate that each image should be cut and the repasted in place. That makes no sense as the images were all laid out in that manner via Placing images.