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    Bug in LR 5.6 export "Resize to Fit: Dimensions" feature?


      A site that I shoot for requires uploaded photos to be EXACTLY 3000 x 2216 pixel JPGs. In LR 5.6 I created a custom crop aspect 3.000 x 2.216 (~1.354:1). When I export the images, I set the "Resize to fit" parameters to be "Dimensions" and 3000 x 2216 pixels (also, "Don't enlarge" is OFF, and resolution is 300 ppi). However, most of the Nikon D800 RAW photos I export this way end up being 2992 x 2216. For example I cropped an image using the custom aspect and the dimensions became 3320 x 4495, which is also ~1.354:1. However when I export this using the above "resize to fit" parameters, the resulting image is 2216 x 2992.Another image cropped to 4194 x 5677 correctly exported at 2216 x 3000.


      Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding something here.