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    Restricted access Simple File Deployment


      I have installed CPS on tomcat on a Windows testing box. I've configured it and Contribute to use a stagging server.
      Everything is working great. However, on the web page for the Simple File Deployment service ( http://<server:<port>/.../customservices/filedeployer/> for testing purposes I'm not using SSL - is that required?) anyone can access this page. Well I want to limit that to only a few.

      Right now I'm using the File-bases authentication model.

      Reading the contribute publishing services manual I read:

      "When you extend this service, consider adding the following functionality:
      • Authentication and permissions
      You can add authentication functionality to limit access to the service.

      Tip: Macromedia strongly recommends that you add authentication. To do so, you can simply
      copy the settings file and save it as a separate service in a subfolder for each website, or you can
      write you own security interface to handle multiple websites."

      I'm confushed by this. 1) what settings file? I have two types of settings.xml files (one for determing live and staging servers and another that has info for webservers, approvals and etc.) but they dont have any authenticaion info for CPS server.

      2) what folders on what server is the above statement refering to?

      Thank you very much.