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    Image Count


      Folders in Lightroom have hundreds of images in them but "count" shows "0"

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Go to menu- Library > Show Photos in sub-folders- Click this option to toggle on/off.


          With option "Off" Folders with Count ="0" will be master folders and the images will be in sub-folders.

          With option "On" Master folders will show total count of images in all sub-folders within.

          And I presume you have "imported" all images into LR.

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            Leearnoult Level 1

            It was already as you say. Folders above and below have image count. I assume they are "imported" as none show as "missing." Oh, well. I'll keep looking. Meantime, thank you for the quick response. You are the first person I have talked to since getting Lightroom about six months ago. Takes some study, but a great way to handle thousands of images. Thanks, Lee

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              areohbee Level 6

              I suppose you have already, but if not: try restarting Lightroom and/or your computer. I have seen this kind of anomalous behavior get cleared after a restart. It's a long shot..


              Also, try optimizing your catalog - shouldn't make a difference, but sometimes a little shaking up can change things..

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                Leearnoult Level 1

                Restarting did not work. Optimizing did. Thanks for the lesson. I really appreciate it.