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    CF10 has just started refusing to instantiate CF var; e.g.,#nProb#.

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      This and similar queries have worked for years. The are 5120 similar queries in the system this came from according a DW search of "<cfquery name"

          ActQuery11-15-2014 16-29-11.jpg


           This is the returned SQL error from the robust error message (on Development server).  The actual SQL error message stated that nProb was not a designate field, which of course it true.  nProbID should have been a number; e.g., 4472.

      CF-Error-11-14-2014 9-34-06.jpg

      As you can see, most of the CF vars have substituted -- only the highlighted ones have failed.  I've been doing CF since the summer of '98.  While I've had thousand of error and odd things happen, I have never had this happen before.  I've tested the sources for all the errant (?) vars, but to not avail.


      Follow-up: I figured out the cause.  The form.vars that these four values (sUserId, nProbID, scurType, and sScreenName) came from were on the previous page and for whatever reason, they were not with a <cfoutput> ... </cfoutput> pair so they values that were being forwarded were not being substituted there.  To put is simply, the name of the vars on the previous page, which are the same as the name on this page, were being forwarded so it just looks like they were not being substituted on this page.  DUH!!!


      All is well now.  I put the requied <cfoutput> ... </cfoutput> pair around the vars on the previous page to solve the problem.


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