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    A frame failed to render while using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously


      Hello fellow AE users:


      I've read other threads which deal with this issue, however they don't seem to be exactly what I'm experiencing so I'm starting a new thread. I did do several hours of due diligence by research others' handling of this issue, so I'm not just blindly reposting this question without having done some legwork.


      I'm getting this message when rendering one of my compositions:


      "After Effects warning: A frame failed to render while using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously. Allocating more memory to the background processes in Memory & Multiprocessing Preferences may fix this problem. (26  ::  142)"


      First, some background on what led up to this. I've built an entirely new system from scratch based on the new Intel 5960X 8-Core processor, with 64GB of RAM on an Asus X99-Deluxe Mobo.Brand new install of Windows 8.1, and brand new install of After Effects CC (latest versions as of this posting) and all of my plug-ins (mostly Red Giant, also all updated to current versions.) I have a new video card in this system (Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming) however this issue also happened with my old 4GB GTX 680 as well, which was in the original i7-950 system (see below.)


      I've set up Multiprocessing preferences for 6GB reserved for system, 8 CPUs reserved for other applications which leaves "Actual CPUs that will be used: 8", with each CPU having a 6GB RAM allocation. That's 8x6=46G, leaving 18GB free for the operating system, which should be more than enough.


      One could speculate that there is some plug-in that is using too much memory, or something weird with QuickTime or H.264 decoding (the source is one Canon 5D mk II H.264 .mov and one jpeg file). However, this issue did *NOT* happen on my old system, which was 4-core Intel i7-950, 24GB RAM, running the same version of After Effects CC and my plug-ins, and with only 3GB/Thread of ram allocated instead of the 6GB/Thread i'm using here.


      I've simply loaded the old project on the new install and attempted to render. I have not changed any settings. I DID do the thing where you hold CTRL-SHIFT-ALT (or something like that) to reset all of the preferences when loading AE just in case that was the issue.



      So, why would this be able to render using multiple processes on my old box with only 3GB/thread, while it will NOT render on this new system with double that, 6GB/thread allocated?


      Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide that would be helpful to debug this.


      Many thanks in advance for your help!